Building Up Your Boys: Fostering Empowering Relationships in Secondary Choral Classrooms

Saturday, January 30, 2021
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

This interactive session will focus on creating safe and empowering learning environments for adolescent male-identifying students in secondary choral settings, with an emphasis on middle school and early high school students. Participants will learn about broad curricular foundations, as well as specific class activities, that support the unique emotional and psychological needs of male-identifying students. Session content will focus on teacher presence within the cultivation of choral classrooms that promote trust, vulnerability, relationships, and community.
Sean Grier
Learning Objective 1
Identify Essential Needs: Rooted in research, the learner will gain an understanding of adolescent male-identifying students’ emotional and psychological needs: autonomy, competency, and relatedness.
Learning Objective 2
Engage With Methods: The learner will observe, and reflect upon, sample activities from the presenter’s own practice that promote trust, vulnerability, relationships, and community among male-identifying students.
Learning Objective 3
Exchange With Peers: The learner will have the opportunity to develop a collaborative resource through which to share and reflect upon successful relationship-based methods and initiatives used in their own practice as well as gain ideas from others.
Target Audiences
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