*Musiking in an Online Environment - Mind the Latency!


As millions of teachers scrambled to take their music classes online during the 2020 school shutdown, teachers were forced to deal with the realities of teaching music online. This session will provide an overview of the online teaching environment and explore some of the more powerful and useful tools for creating and collaborating in music from a distance.
John Churchville
Technology Session
Learning Objective 1
Participants will understand the basics of performing, recording, latency, compression issues and musical fidelity when teaching and creating music online.
Learning Objective 2
Participants will gain a resource list of tools and techniques that will get the most out of their students even thought that can not be in the room with them.
Learning Objective 3
Participants will hear real world success stories and have an opportunity to connect and network with teachers who are learning how to navigate online music class as well.
Target Audiences
Elementary, Technology, General Education
CME Information