Fostering Community Relationships - The Public Relations Side of Teaching Music

Friday, January 29, 2021
7:00 PM - 7:45 PM

We all know that teaching music is a multifaceted job. In addition to your teaching duties, you are an ambassador for your school district, your school's music program, and your students. As an active member of your community, you have influence on whether or not there is support for your school's music program. By teaching your students to be mindful of this same sense of community, your program will flourish.
Aaron Hotelling
Learning Objective 1
Participants will gain an understanding of how to foster relationships in their community and school.
Learning Objective 2
Participants will understand the importance of having their students foster the same relationships.
Learning Objective 3
Participants will understand how maintaining those relationships will only benefit your school and its music program.
Target Audiences
Choral, Strings, Band