What’s in a Song? Re-Visiting Origins and Meanings of Songs Within the Elementary Music Repertoire

Saturday, January 30, 2021
2:00 PM - 2:45 PM


The origin and meaning of songs can involve complex political and social issues, with implications for teaching general music. Focus is on songs related to African American history and culture. Principles can be applied to other song repertoire. Elementary general music teachers share experiences presenting songs related to African American history and culture, and offer curricular ideas for a culturally sensitive and historically meaningful approach to teaching songs from America’s past.
Learner Outcome 1
Participants develop an awareness of the need to examine the context and meaning of song repertoire prior to presenting a song to children.
Learner Outcome 2
Participants are prepared and motivated to examine historical roots of songs related to African American history and culture and can identify criteria to re-contextualize songs for class presentation.
Learner Outcome 3
Participants make critical reflection, cultural sensitivity, and historical knowledge a habit of practice when selecting and presenting song repertoire in the elementary classroom.
Target Audience
Elementary, General Education
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