*FlipGrid is Fantastic!


As you sit in class listening to playing tests do you wonder, IS THERE A BETTER WAY? Yes, yes my friend there is. Let me introduce you to FlipGrid, a free website and app for all platforms that will allow you to video record your students playing/singing, will organize them any way you choose, and will allow you to give video/written/points based feedback all in one place. And should you have to quickly move to online learning this is a great tool to utilize!
Abby Briggs
Technology Session
Learning Objective 1
Learners will have a general understanding of FlipGrid for use in recording playing tests, auditions, chair tests, checks for hand placement or embouchure.
Learning Objective 2
Learners will be able to set up their own “Grids/Classes” and “Topics/Assignments” in FlipGrid and watch/listen to their students videos.
Learning Objective 3
Learners will understand how to give feedback to students using video, text, and points earned within the FlipGrid Website/App.