Kasey Julian

Kasey Julian is a Choral Music Education major at Oakland University. In 2018, Kasey received an Academic Writing Excellence Award from the department of Writing and Rhetoric at Oakland University for a visual essay. From this award, she was also offered a publication by TheJump+, a global academic research journal and received the Holly and Garry Gilbert Safeguarding the Public Interest Scholarship. When Shea Socrates started Bridging the Gaps: Guitars for Social Justice, she was involved as a narrator in 3 spoken word pieces in performances throughout Michigan. Shea and Kasey have done several other chamber pieces together. Additionally, she teaches piano, voice, and ukulele to private students, is a librarian for the OU choral department, and works as an office assistant for the Oakland University School of Music, Theatre, Dance. Kasey is also the president of the NAfME Collegiate Chapter at OU.