The Uncomfortable Conversation: Race/ Using Black History and Music to Reach Your Students

Saturday, January 30, 2021
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

In this session we will discuss possible racial barriers in the classroom as it relates to white teachers and black students in both the predominantly black populated classrtoom as well as those with more white than black students.
It also helps teachers of color to find better pathways to engage students by using music appreciation and history as a way of bolstering self knowledge and self esteem. We will discuss the uncomfortable facts which lead to miseducation through misunderstanding.
Quincy Stewart
Learning Objective 1
Walk away with a renewed sense of committment to social justice in the classroom
Learning Objective 2
Leave the session with tools that can be used immedietly to bridge the gap between African American students and teachers by using music and history in a fluid, interdisciplinary way.
Learning Objective 3
To have a place to engage in honest, open conversations about the affect of race as it relates to the classroom as a microcosm of the world right outside the school doors.
Target Audiences
Choral, Strings, Band, General Education
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