A Shift to Student-CenteredĀ Mentoring in a Shifting World of Music Teaching

Saturday, January 30, 2021
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

IsĀ our currently shifting world of music teaching creating challenges for you? Do you wish you could serve as a cooperating teacher but feel the shifts are too complicated? Could now actually be the best time? Discover engaging ideas about meeting your professional needs, the needs of preservice teachers, and the needs of K12 learners in your classroom simultaneously. Consider a shift to student-centered mentoring that thrives in our shifting world.
Learning Objective 1
Furthered understanding of needs of preservice music teachers and K12 mentor teachers.
Learning Objective 2
Furthered understanding of student-centered teaching approaches to meet needs of preservice music teachers, through collaboration with K12 mentor teachers
Learning Objective 3
Collaborative dialogue between music teacher educators, music educators and preservice music educators to develop mutual understanding in a shifting world of music education
Target Audiences
Choral, Elementary, Strings, Band, Technology, General Education