*Guitar Class - When Kids "Hit the Wall"


So, you're a band/orchestra/choir director with limited experience teaching a Guitar Class What's more, many of the students enrolled have limited experience in music reading and/or performance. It presents a unique set of challenges! "Hitting the Wall" is foremost among them. How do you address students who reach a point, then are unable, or unwilling to advance. This session will present ideas and strategies that can help.
Learning Objective 1
Identify- Participants will better understand that PLAYING guitar and READING music are different, requiring specific pedagogy and assessment. Determining student's strengths/weaknesses is crucial.
Learning Objective 2
Inspire- Participants will learn and have an opportunity to share ideas on creating a class environment that keeps students engaged. Equally important will be identifying what can turn students off.
Learning Objective 3
Take action- Participants will receive resource material including: strategies for class/individual instruction, methods for formative and summative assessment, and use of technology.
Target Audiences
Choral, Strings, Band, General Education