*Double Bass for Band Directors


The double bass has a long history in jazz, concert, and military bands. Today, the instrument is still used in these settings, and new compositions continue to include bass parts. How can a bass help the band's sound? How can band directors help their basses perform the repertoire at the same level as their wind and percussion players? This session will describe how to help bass players fulfill their role in the ensemble by presenting the string pedagogy a director needs to achieve that goal.
Learning Objective 1
Learner will understand the basic history of the upright bass in a concert band and jazz band setting. In turn, they will understand modern applications of the instrument in school ensembles.
Learning Objective 2
Learner will know the basic bass pedagogy necessary to successfully work with double bass students. This includes understanding correct set up and basic left and right hand technique.
Learning Objective 3
Learners will familiarize themselves with double bass excerpts from band literature, the challenges presented by the literature, and how to help students perform it successfully.
Target Audiences
Strings, Band