Partnerships of Empowerment: Empowering University Faculty, K12 Faculty, Preservice Teachers, and Music Learners...Together

Saturday, January 30, 2021
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Discover the power of empowering partnerships, fueling an energetic and positive collaboration. Through careful attention to the individual needs of each person involved, all faculty and students engage in innovative and creative learning. Come for fueling and invigorating tips for successful partnerships!

This SMTE session is collaboratively presented by Lauri Hogle, PhD (Oakland University), Amorette Languell, PhD (Northern Michigan University), and Andrew McGuire (Assistant Director, Fine and Performing Arts, Detroit Public Schools Community District).
Learning Objective 1
Growth in understanding ways to simultaneously meet needs of preservice music teachers, K12 faculty, university faculty and K12 music learners.
Learning Objective 2
Growth in understanding teaching and learning to meet needs of preservice music teachers, alongside K12 faculty and learners
Learning Objective 3
Growth in understanding current needs of music education in today's "Corona-Virus" learning environment and how preservice music teachers must prepare through empowering partnerships with K12 faculty
Target Audiences
Choral, Elementary, Strings, Band, Technology, General Education